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Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Norton 360 support service team and company. Symantec assuring the delivery of exceptional facility by Norton Support Phone Number. Symantec experts accessible 24/7 for helping the clients from various geographical locations.

Norton is a security software company founded by Peter Norton. Norton 360 support phone number (a division of Symantec) has its headquarters situated in California, US. Norton offers extensive services & products to its audiences located in different corners of the world. Norton’s products & services are related to the digital security. Norton has been into security software business since twenty years & is constantly providing best quality innovative packages to help its customers to run their devices in tip top condition. Norton anti-virus software provides 2 way firewall protection & spyware protection.

Norton antivirus service number identifies protection against internet worm, phishing, intrusion, network, browser, botnet, rootkit, web site, confidential information etc. Studies have revealed that Norton anti-virus products offers high detection rate as compared to other anti-virus software’s available in the market. Norton lab products can be easily purchased online. They are also quick to download, install & configure. Even a layman who is not a computer expert can set up the required preferences & the helpful tutorials to learn how to use it.

At the time of installation Norton anti-virus software’s saves your personal details like your name, password etc to ensure full protection. Norton lab products are reasonably priced as compared to other products of same category available in the market. If you are downloading the services for 2 or more than 2 consecutive years you will get special discounted offers by the company. These downloads are available for one, two, three or more computers depending upon the characteristics offered by your products.

What makes Norton security software stand out of the crowd?

Norton security software’s are accompanied with 100% post sale customer support services that make them unique. People all across the world choose to prefer Norton lab products due to the customer support services they receive from the company. Norton has a team of representatives offering 24 hour support. You can call the Norton 360 customer support number +1-855-675-4245 for any kind of query related to the functioning or post installation of the software.

Norton also offers its free trial version to help you to choose amongst various anti-virus products available in the market. Norton makes constant efforts to update & improve its services against various threats to improve the overall performances. Norton security software’s runs safety tools to monitor instant messages & Emails assuring non entry of viruses into the system offering better security for your devices.

Norton security tools acts as a shield against malicious software

Norton support number security software’s acts your device’s protecting shield against malicious software. Due to technological advancements it is almost impossible for you to use your computer without internet. It means your computer is exposed to another thousand computers (or even more) sharing same knowledge over internet simultaneously. This may be dangerous at times because when your computer is exposed with other computers over internet the hackers can easily hack your computer to gather your personal details such as your credit card number, bank account details, passwords, secret business documents etc.

Despite of whether you are using your devices for personal use or business use it is imperative for you to use anti-virus software which can protect your device against viruses that can interrupt its smooth functioning. Norton anti-virus software’s are equipped with advanced features that run in the background of your devices to guarantee full protection 24*7. Norton lab products have been ranked high for providing security protection.

The security package of Norton also includes parental controls along with anti spam module to allow the parents to keep a check over their children. This parental control feature prohibits the entry of certain internet sites so that children below 18 years do not get access to inappropriate content online. A user can also use this feature to protect folders or files of specific category in your computer. This is done so that the important folders & files are not altered or intentionally deleted by nitrous a child.

Needless to say, that the Norton security software allow its users to work freely & smoothly maintaining the overall work consistency. It also helps you to avoid paying hefty fees to fix up the technical issues (in a short time frame) arising from time to time.